About DBA (Disc Brakes Australia)

DBA (Disc Brakes Australia) is Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium brake disc rotors and brake shoes. With unsurpassed dedication to providing the most powerful and reliable disc rotors for the Australian market, DBA disc brake rotors have been engineered to the highest standards using only premium materials to create a diverse range of performance brake rotors, OE-spec brake rotors, drum brakes and everything in between.

With more than forty-years experience in providing high-quality braking solutions to the local market, DBA have cemeted their reputation as Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium quality brake components. Over the last decade, DBA has continued to redefine the market, creating brake rotors that have been engineered using premium metals to deliver higher braking tolerances to ensure consistent braking in all driving conditions.

Why Should I Choose DBA?

A true Australian pioneer in manufacturing, DBA are the leaders in innovation when it comes to manufacturing techniques and materials for brake rotors. All DBA rotors are cast from the finest quality materials, and treated with exclusive techniques and formulations for superior thermal management. All DBA rotors have been designed to deliver consistent brake pedal feel and superior stopping power in a range of driving applications.

Our Range of DBA Rotors

The DBA range starts at the everyday driver, with the DBA Street Series and DBA Heavy Duty series offering premium braking solutions for effective OE-level braking and beyond. The DBA Street Series comes in 6 stages: Stage 1 is a range of direct DBA OE replacement brake discs for a wide range of vehicles, Stage 2, or the DBA Street T2 Range is the next step up in braking performance, and the third stage is the DBA X-Gold range, primarily designed for use in Show Cars.

The 4th, 5th and 6th stages of the DBA Street Series comprise of their Heavy Duty options, which are cast from high-carbon iron and suited to the demands of aggressive driving, towing and commercial use. This range includes the DBA 4000 Series HD Direct OE Replacement Range, and the slotted/vented 4000 & 5000 XS Series.

The DBA 4000 & 5000 series race brake rotors are perfect for use on both the road and the track, and will provide the most effective braking available for cars that are regularly put to the most extreme tests, as well as provide safe braking day-to-day.

Many DBA brake rotors feature DBA T2 and DBA T3 slotted designs for exceptional vibration reduction, along with Kangaroo Paw ventilation for superior cooling and temperature management under harsh conditions.