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About Drive

For all of the everyday bits and bobs that make your driving experience as easy as possible, Haigh Australia have added the Drive brand to their long list of offerings, stocking an outstanding range of everyday driving accessories to enhance your safety and comfort on the road every day.

Taking care of both the inside and outside of your vehicle, Drive products are universally fitted to provide reliable protection and convenience for you and your car in every driving situation. As well as this, Drive also features a number of accessories to make life on the road a little easier.

What Makes Drive So Good?

For keeping both the interior and exterior of your vehicle protected from the elements, the road and other drivers, Drive manufactures a wide range of exterior and interior accessories that are aimed at affording your vehicle reliable and universal resistance.

From universal door mirrors and rear view mirrors, blind spot mirrors, door edge protectors and plate protectors, to mud flaps, steering wheel locks, emergency petrol caps and fire extinguishers, Drive’s wide range of accessories will keep your vehicle safe and secure under all circumstances.

Our Range of Drive

For effective reading of your vehicle’s performance and conditions, Sparesbox carries a wide range of Drive tachometers, ammeters and oil pressure gauges. Fire Extinguishers, Tyre Paint Sticks, Magnetic L plates and Magnetic P plates, air fresheners and even travel mugs are just some of the solutions we offer to make you feel secure on the road.

Drive also manufactures a comprehensive catalogue of products designed to reduce torsional vibration for superior drive comfort.