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About Drivetech SumoSprings

First introduced to the Australasian market in 2012, Sumo Springs are the world’s first load assist “Airless Airbag” suspension system. Designed to transform the handling of vehicles fitted with leaf spring suspension from the factory, Drivetech Sumo Springs have been carefully engineered to meet the market demand for a zero-maintenance suspension support solution.

Forget pumping up airbags to improve suspension and achieve a level load, Drivetech Sumo Springs are a ground-breaking “Fit & Forget” solution that requires zero maintenance of adjustment once installed.

Why Should I Choose Drivetech Sumo Springs?

Drivetech SumoSprings are manufactured using a premium quality, highly durable closed cell polyurethane material. The responsive material used in Drivetech SumoSprings provides a progressive compression under load and variable road conditions which means that the more weight you apply, the stronger the springs become. Capable of maintaining loads of more than 2,200kg on some models, Drivetech SumoSprings ensure a smooth and comfortable ride whether you are hauling a heavy load or no load at all.

Drivetech SumoSprings eliminate the frustrations of leaking or puncturing associated with conventional airbag suspension. The closed cell polyurethane will not rupture and, for added peace of mind, Drivetech SumoSprings can be punctured without causing a loss in performance or functionality.

Drivetech SumoSprings have been extensively tested in Australian conditions to ensure their functionality in one of the most testing off-road environments in the world. Once installed, Drivetech SumoSprings will not ever need to be replaced due to puncture, valve leaks or any of the other issues associated with airbag suspension.

Our Range of Drivetech Sumo Springs

Sparesbox is pleased to stock a wide range of Drivetech SumoSprings suitable for application on some of Australia’s most popular 4x4 and work vehicles vehicles including Toyota LandCruiser, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, Hyundai iLoad, Nissan Navara, and many more. Whether you’re hitting the open road or hauling heavy loads around town, Drivetech SumoSprings is the perfect ‘Fit & Forget’ suspension solution.