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About Ferodo Brake Pads

Ferodo is the premium brake division of American Automotive pioneer Federal-Mogul. Manufactured with the most discerning drivers and high performance vehicle applications in mind, Ferodo brake pads boast a pedigree that few others can match. Since becoming the first brand to supply original equipment linings for mass produced cars in 1922, Ferodo have continued to lead the way in friction and braking.

Now, with more than 100 years of braking experience behind them, Ferodo have firmly established themselves as the premium solution for aftermarket brake components. More than just a favorite with enthusiasts, Ferodo is the preferred choice supplier of original equipment for a range of manufacturers in automotive, light, heavy duty, commercial and off-road vehicles.

Why Should I Choose Ferodo?

Ferodo's relentless focus on innovation and technology guarantees premium braking components across the widest range of applications. Ferodo have established themselves as one of the true household names in the automotive world, earning a reputation for brake quality amongst everyday drivers, mechanics and race teams alike.

Whether you're looking for braking solutions for racing vehicles, road cars, motorbikes, vans or trucks, Ferodo has you covered. All Ferodo brake pads are backed by extensive research and development and have been made to meet and exceed the Original Equipment standard of braking components on your vehicle.

Our Range of Ferodo Brake Pads

Sparesbox is pleased to be partnering with Ferodo to offer a complete range of Ferodo braking solutions. Ferodo's Premier and ThermoQuiet ranges of brake pads provide effective braking at an OE level, striking the perfect balance between performance, wear and noise reduction. The Thermoquiet range has been designed to improve braking performance and eliminate irritating braking noise to make your driving experience as comfortable and quiet as possible.

For those seeking high-end, premium feel from their vehicles brake system, try the Ferodo premier range of brake pads, which focuses on providing the very best in every day stopping power and responsive braking performance. The Ferodo premier range is the trusted choice of the most judicious drivers seeking OE-quality (or better) replacements for their high-end, touring and performance vehicles. Ferodo DS brake pads are a perfect choice for your performance vehicle, giving stopping power, heat resistance and wear reduction worthy of some of the world's finest vehicles and racing cars.