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Car Cover Deluxe for Medium to Large Cars
Car Cover Deluxe for Small to Mid-Size 4x4s
Car Cover Deluxe for Medium to Large 4x4s
Cargo Net With Hooks Ute Trailer Truck MEDIUM 2.0m x 3.5m FCN2035
Cargo Net With Hooks Ute Trailer Truck LARGE 3.0m x 4.0m FCN3040
Cargo Net With Hooks Ute Trailer Truck 2.5m x 3.5m FCN2535

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About Fleet Car Covers

Fleet is one of Australia's largest manufacturers of aftermarket automotive accessories. Not just limiting themselves with one or two specialty products, Fleet import and distribute a massive range of everyday car essentials such as sun shades, jumper cables and, most importantly in this case, car covers. Their car covers will keep your car cool, protected and shielded from the elements that can age your car quicker than normal.

Why Should I Choose Fleet Car Covers?

Fleet's range of car covers and ute covers aren't just standard covers, they're DELUXE car covers. Made from waterproof, water repellant fabric that shields your vehicle from the harmful effects of both sun and rain, Fleet car covers also feature a soft cotton lining on the interior to take luxurious care of your car's paint. Both of these layers are as breathable as they are tough, allowing air to flow freely around your vehicle as it sits still.

The benefit of all of this is that these car covers are brilliant at keeping your car's interior temperature down, making for a much more comfortable drive in hot weather. Fleet car covers are also double stitched for the ultimate in durability and strength, and provided you buy the right size, they'll fit your vehicle like a dream. Fleet car covers are the perfect choice if you're carrying out repairs on your car, storing it in a dusty garage or you just want to take the best care of your vehicle.

Our Fleet Car Cover Range

All of the technology and features mentioned above have been put into every Fleet Car Cover we sell. These covers come in a great range of sizes to suit just about every passenger car on the road. Our passenger line ranges from small to extra large in side, to suit everything from small hatchbacks to large family sedans. On the larger side, Fleet also offers 4x4 car covers from small to large sizes, ideal for covering everything from smaller crossovers to the biggest off-roaders.