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About Fuel Safe

Fuel Safe are the first name in fuel cans and jerry cans, for years their wide range of Australian-made products have kept drivers safe when transporting fuel, oil and petrol of all kinds across the country. Their dedication to safety, constant product development and Australian build quality mean that all Fuel Safe Jerry Cans are made to cope with the harshest Australian elements, capable of resisting sun, dirt and rain alike.

With plastic jerry cans and tags offered in a wide range of sizes and colours, you’re sure to find a Fuel Safe product that will come in handy during your driving life.

Why Should I Choose Fuel Safe?

Fuel Safe manufacture their cans from high density polyethylene plastic to create strong canister’s that are resistant to crushing and rust. Fuel Safe Jerry Cans have been through a rigorous testing procedure with all their products, which means that by investing in a Fuel Safe product you’re getting a piece of equipment that’s approved for use by some of the most demanding bodies in Australian manufacturing. All Fuel Safe products carry the Australian made stamp as well as a 5 tick approval rating from SAI Global.

Fuel Safe products aren’t just designed to be tough, they’re also incredibly simple to use, making them an invaluable accessory to keep around the garage. Fuel Safe jerry cans all come with flexible, screw-on pouring spouts as well as anti-glug nozzles to prevent any spillage.

Our Range of Fuel Safe

Sparesbox is pleased to be partnering with Fuel Safe to offer Fuel cans and Jerry cans in a wide range of colours, clearly marked to help you tell the difference between their contents. Choose the red jerry can for all-purpose use, the green can for 2-stroke engines, the black jerry can for heavy duty applications, and the yellow jerry can for diesel. Whether your car runs E85, race gas, alcohol fuel, diesel, or just regular petrol, a Fuel Safe fuel can will accommodate your needs.