About Garrett Turbochargers

Garrett is the world's leading manufacturer of aftermarket, OE quality turbocharging systems. Garrett have built their reputation on revolutionising and pioneering the turbocharging industry, and, thanks to more than half a century of innovation, Garrett serves the world's leading vehicle manufacturers including Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, DDC, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, and Volkswagen.

Garrett employs more than 6000 people and produces more than 30,000 turbos every day. Garett Turbos are the leading choice for original equipment manufacturers and have worked with many of the world’s leading race teams in some of the most iconic motor racing events including the World Rally Championship, American le Mans, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Pikes Peak to name a few.


Why Should I Choose Garrett Turbochargers?

Turbochargers are high technology products that form an integral part of how effectively and efficiently your vehicle operates. Garrett is one of the few turbo-charging manufacturers that subject their entire range of turbos to several OE qualification tests, including a 1,000-hour general turbocharger durability testing where the turbo is run on-engine in one of Garrett's engineering laboratories.

Extensive research and product testing ensures that Garrett turbochargers are safe, reliable, and versatile enough to be used on big build projects that can be used on the street and on the race track. Garrett Turbochargers are the trusted choice of tuners around the world, whether you're retrofitting a turbocharger to a naturally aspirated engine, increasing the turbocharger size or building a 1000hp+ street monster, Garrett have you covered.


Our Range of Garrett Turbochargers

Sparesbox is pleased to offer a wide variety of Garrett turbochargers to suit an extensive range of vehicles and applications. Sparesbox stocks the most popular Garrett turbo models in the Garrett GT Turbocharger range including the GT2860R, GT2871R, GT3071R, and GT3582R.

The Garrett GTW Turbo Series has been designed to provide a budget-conscious solution for enthusiasts with a high-performance, mid frame product offering available in a range of ball bearing and journal bearing configurations.

For those seeking a high-performance turbocharger without compromise, Sparesbox also stock the most formidable turbos from the Garrett GTX Turbo range including the GTX2860R, GTX2867R, GTX2967R, GTX3582R, all the way up to GTX533R