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About Gates

It's rare that you find a true world leader in a certain type of car part, but when it comes to Timing Belts, Gates have proved themselves a cut above the rest. Gates have established themselves as the planet's largest OEM manufacturer of timing belts, hoses and engine components, making premium quality timing belts that meet the exacting standards of some of the world's most demanding vehicle manufacturers.

Why Should I Choose a Gates Belt?

Gates' core values combine a commitment to outstanding quality combined with their thirst for innovation. This means that since establishing themselves as a leader in Automotive parts, Gates have also become a trusted brand in producing parts for a number of industries, including construction, agriculture, energy, transportation and mining. Gates have combined the technology and the advancements that have come from investing in all of these industries to craft a fine range of vehicle parts that have become trusted by drivers, mechanics and vehicle manufacturers alike, all over the world.

A true engineering leader in transmission, power train and fluid transfer products, Gates have also earnt a reputation as a leading manufacturer of water pumps (many of which are included in Sparesbox wide range of timing belt kits), hoses & pipes for cooling systems, and various other engine components. Every one of these parts stamped with the Gates logo comes with a certain level of quality that other manufacturers simply don’t match, meaning Gates is a name you can come to trust over the life of your vehicle.

Our Range of Gates Products

Sparesbox stocks a massive range of Gates belts, Gates hoses and other OE equivalent automotive parts for use in a massive range of vehicles. We stock Gates Timing Belt Kits, Engine Pulleys and Belt Tensioners, as well as Gates hoses for use in your vehicle's intake and cooling systems. Sparesbox is also a proud stockist of Gates water pumps and water pump accessories.

Invest in a Gates part for your vehicle, and you're sure to get not only lasting reliability and quality between service intervals, but also a product that could stand to save you significant money on vehicle maintenance in the long run. Gates manufacture an extensive range of Radiator Hoses, Timing Belt Kits, Water Pumps, Accessory Belts, Automatic Belt Tensioners, Heater Hoses, Timing Belts and Engine Idler Pulleys

Every Gates part is sure to meet or exceed the OE specifications of the vehicle you're installing it in, and when it comes to investing in the more intricate belts and hoses that come together to form your vehicle's internals, choosing a Gates product should be a no-brainer.