About GFB (Go Fast Bits)

GFB are focused on producing products that offer real world performance gains without sacrificing day-to-day usability, including blow off valves, diverter valves, short shift kits, performance pulleys and boost controllers. In light of this, Go Fast Bits have isolated parts that are often hard to come by in the Australian market, and delivered a great line of locally made, accessible parts for a huge range of every day vehicles, from Japanese tuners to european hot-hatches.

Why Should I Choose GFB BOV & Performance Parts?

As the name suggests, Go Fast Bits specialise in producing high quality components to improve the performance of your vehicle. Their Sydney based team meticulously design and engineer all their products to the highest ISO9001 certified quality standards. Put simply, when it comes to performance parts and valves, GFB is Sparesbox first port of call.

Sparesbox is proud to be one of GFB's most trusted sellers of performance parts, and our extensive range of GFB Blow Off Valves, Boost Controllers, Pulley Kits and Short Shifter Kits are all sourced directly from GFB themselves to guarantee quick delivery and exceptional value with no middle man, along with the guaranteed performance boost you invested in.

Our Range of GFB BOVs and Products

GFB are perhaps most famed for their great range of diverter valves and blow off valves (BOVs), which are often easy to install and work to emphasise the performance gains delivered by your vehicle's turbocharger. The GFB BOV Range is great for producing that hissing sound after a gear change in some performance vehicles, as they release the pressure built up by the Turbo. To further emphasise your turbo's performance, Spares Box offers an extensive GFB boost controller range.

In addition to this, Go Fast Bits also manufacture and engineer some of Australia's best lines of high performance engine pulleys and levers, which offer a lightweight replacement for heavy and clunky stock engine parts that often can't stand up to the stress of high performance driving. For those with an aggressive driving style, GFB also make a great range of short shifting kits, which provide improved transmission feel and the ability to get off the line with incredible efficiency by reducing the amount of distance the gear knob needs to travel to make a gear change. These kits also replace some of the heavier parts of your gear shifter with light-weight replacements, further saving you weight.