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About GoFar

GOFAR is making driving smarter by saving drivers 15% on their fuel bill, automatically logging trips and providing easy-to-interpret vehicle data. Simply plug the GOFAR dongle into your vehicles OBDII Port, download the GOFAR App and start saving today!


Why Should I Choose GOFAR?


GOFAR is simple to install and delivers the most user friendly interface on the market. GOFAR is compatible with all Australian petrol vehicles from 2006 on and all diesel-powered vehicles from 2007 onwards, simply connect the dongle to your vehicles OBDII Port to begin tracking your driving patterns and vehicle behaviour through the Android and iPhone compatible GOFAR App.

GOFAR features a driving coach that can lower your fuel consumption by 15% and significantly reduce engine wear on your vehicle. GOFAR provides real time data logging, fault code diagnosis and is seamlessly integrates to the Sparesbox Service team for servicing/repair advice when an error code appears on your car.

In addition to reducing your driving expenses by lowering fuel consumption and improving your driving patterns, GOFAR makes it easy to log your driving expenses by tracking the start/end location, time, and date of your drip so that you never miss a tax refund opportunity.


How Does It Work?


Your vehicles OBDII port provides direct access to your vehicles on board computer, allowing GOFAR to monitor your vehicles behaviour and provide useable and easy to interpret feedback through the GOFAR App. GOFAR features 6 axis motion sensors that precisely track your vehicles motion in 3 dimensions, features offline trip storage and connects to cloud to liberate and store your data.