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1 - 36 of 92
Hayman Reese FXLBA - FX Ladies Bike Carrier Adaptor
Hayman Reese FX4T - FX Bike Carrier 4 Bike (Tilt)
Hayman Reese FX3T - FX Bike Carrier 3 Bike (Tilt)
Hayman Reese FX3F - FX Bike Carrier 3 Bike (Fixed)
Hayman Reese 94590BL - Hitch Box Collar Cover
Hayman Reese 55455BL - U-Bolt 3/8" Washer Kit
Hayman Reese 55060BL - 1/2" x 2" UNC Bolt Set
Hayman Reese 74122 - Pintle Coupling Lock Kit
Hayman Reese 74120 - Pintle Hook 8T With 50mm Ball
Hayman Reese 55091 - Secure Towing Kit 3500Kg
Hayman Reese 55090 - Secure Towing Kit 2500Kg
Hayman Reese 55048 - Lock Hitch Pin Extra Long
Hayman Reese 55020 - Spring Cotter Pin Assembly
Hayman Reese 21313 - Pintle Hook Adaptor (240-140)
Hayman Reese 21312 - Pintle Hook Adaptor (190-100)
Hayman Reese 21309 - Tow Ball Mount Heavy Duty
Hayman Reese 21303 - Tow Ball Mount Assembly
Hayman Reese 21228 - Interlock Tow Ball Mount Adj. & Tow Ball
Hayman Reese 21226 - Interlock Tow Ball Mount 330mm & Tow Ball
Hayman Reese 21222 - Interlock Tow Ball Mount & Tow Ball

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About Hayman Reese

Known for its fantastic range of vehicle towing systems, Hayman Reese has been in the automotive industry for more than half a century. Based in Victoria, their production unit manufactures and tests products under static and dynamic conditions to ensure premium performance in unexpected situations. Certified to ISO standards, the brand has a carved a niche as a leader in aftermarket towing and become a true pioneer in the industry.

Renowned as the towing legend, Hayman Reese’s array of products includes tow bars, sway controllers, cargo barriers and weight distributing hitches along with a range of accessories for the caravan industry. Hayman Reese is also getting into trailer wiring applications with their range of innovative SmartClick™ wirings.

What Makes Hayman Reese So Good?

Since its inception, Hayman Reese as a brand has been growing in terms of innovation and technology. Their range of products are designed and engineered in Australia which makes them ideal for Australian vehicles and conditions.

Providing a comprehensive range of towing solutions for the Australian market, Hayman Reese’s range of weight distribution system improves vehicle handling and control. With a lifetime warranty, Hayman Reese towbars are specifically designed for each vehicle and fully compliant with Australian Design Rules. Ranging from medium to heavy duty, these tow bars are sure to make your life easier on your next travel. Hayman Reese also produces a range of towballs, towball cover, spanners, trailer ball mount and adjustable ball mount shanks for a safe and effortless towing experience.

Our Range of Hayman Reese

Sparesbox is pleased to stock an extensive range of towing components from Hayman Reese, one of the most trusted brands in the aftermarket towing industry. Suitable for various vehicle and applications, our catalogue of Hayman Reese adaptors, trailer snap up bracket, towing mirror and shackles would give you the freedon and flexibility of towing both on and off-road. Being designed, tested and manufactured as per Australian conditions, Hayman Reese products are sure to offer great performance.