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About J-B Weld Epoxy & Sealant

From the small beginnings of selling out of a car almost 50 years ago, J-B Weld have expanded their product range and supply chains to become a name known to all mechanics and car enthusiasts that know their stuff.

The very first J-B Weld epoxy was developed with the help of a chemist from Texas A&M University, and they slowly expanded from the Lone Star State to become a truly worldwide force. JB Weld steadily grew in popularity until 2008, when a company takeover inspired a massive diversification of their product range. Now, with one of the world's broadest and strongest (literally) lines of epoxy glues, sealants and cold-welding products, J-B Weld have never been in a stronger position.

Why Should I Choose JB Weld?

Born out of the need for mechanics to seal areas of vehicles and machinery not accessible with a traditional torch welder, J-B Weld are known as the makers of the original two-part epoxy that was “tougher than steel”, suitable for use all over vehicles and engines to work under extreme conditions.

Almost every repair professional is bound to have used a tube of J-B Weld adhesive bond at some time or another, and put simply, when it comes to cold-welding products, epoxys and automotive sealants of all kinds J-B Weld truly are the world’s most trusted name.

Our Range of JB Weld Epoxy & Sealants

J-B Weld’s amazing product line has grown to meet the intricate needs of car enthusiasts, repairers and mechanics the world across, and Sparesbox is proud to carry an extensive range from such a trusted name. We stock a brilliant line of J-B Weld epoxy putties to suit a range of surfaces and strength requirements, as well as epoxy putty sticks for quick bonding of smaller surfaces. These epoxy solutions combine to create incredibly strong bonds and truly awe-inspiring adhesive strength that goes beyond anything traditional glue could ever manage.

Boasted by J-B Weld as “the World’s Strongest Bond”, we’re sure that many would agree with them. Just like JB Weld say themselves, their World’s Strongest Bond will work on any project, on any surface, at any time. Sparesbox also stocks silicon gaskets and sealants for brilliant water and heat resistance throughout the nuts and bolts of your vehicle, as well as permanent locking sealants for a firm hold on the more more intricate areas of your machinery.