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About Jaylec

Jaylec is the ultimate all-rounder when it comes to automotive electrical parts. From Jaylec lights to Jaylec battery chargers, every Jaylec part is sourced from world-leading auto electrical manufacturers and available at great prices.

Jaylec's History with CoolDrive

Jaylec is a brand owned and run as part of the CoolDrive family, one of the leading names in the importation and distribution of car parts in Australia. Jaylec, along with Jayair air conditioning parts and Jayrad radiators, are CoolDrive's own brands, and their range is the result of over 35 years servicing the automotive industry. CoolDrive are one of the most respected suppliers and distributors of automotive parts in the nation, title sponsors of Brad Jones racing in the V8 Supercars series.

Why Should I Choose Jaylec?

Despite not having the brand recognition of someone like Bosch or HELLA, Jaylec parts are certainly not lacking in quality. CoolDrive prides itself on a range of incredibly high quality parts across it's "Jay" ranges, available at a great price across Australia. In order to guarantee this, CoolDrive have sourced the absolute best electrical parts from manufacturers based across the globe. These manufacturers are renowned for their quality, whether they're providing aftermarket parts or components intended for OE equivalent use.

Our Range of Jaylec Auto Electrical Parts

Jaylec's auto electrical range is vast, designed to cater for every Australian driver and provide the best value, best quality parts to get any vehicle with electrical problems back on the road as easily as possible. Jaylec's electrical range is designed to provide for every key area of a vehicle's electrical system, from the battery to the alternator, from the starter motor to the regulator and so on. Jaylec also offers a great range of electrical accessories like battery chargers, along with lighting products to keep every area of your vehicle properly illuminated.