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About Jetpower

One of the trusted HPP Lunds family of automotive parts and accessories suppliers, Jetpower are one of Australia's finest manufacturers of air compressors, electronic air pumps and pressure washers. As part of the HPP Lunds family, Jetpower operate under the banner of one of Australia's biggest powers in aftermarket automotive parts and tools.

Why Should I Choose Jetpower?

All Jetpower air compressors come with a few quality traits in common, with a level of build quality across their entire range that's unmatched in the industry. Every Jetpower 12V air compressor comes with a high quality single or double cylinder motor that gives your air compressor easy, reliable power from either your car's battery or the 12V accessory socket in your vehicle. The motors in our range of Jetpower air compressors come in a wide range of power capacities to suit your needs and budget, offering up to 0.6hp of pumping power. Jetpower air compressors are also fitted out with multiple attachments and tough, high quality power cords to make them incredibly versatile.

Jetpower pressure washers are equally well equipped, all engineered with carbon-brushed motors for the ultimate in reliability and power. Jetpower pressure washers feature the toughest cords and versatile, high power hose units that are capable of delivering thousands of PSI of hosing pressure. With built in storage units for accessories and soap bottles, you can be sure that these are pressure washers that are truly set up for any heavy-duty cleaning situation.

Our Range of Jetpower Products

Jetpower air compressors are perfect for the outdoor lifestyle, designed to inflate camping, sport and recreation equipment, as well as for vehicle maintenance when it comes to inflating tyres and air suspension accessories.

Jetpower air compressors give you quick, easy and versatile inflation power to suit all conditions. Jetpower also offer portable, convenient and powerful pressure washers, available in multiple shapes and sizes to cater for any cleaning situation.