About Kelpro

Locally owned and locally run, Kelpro understands Australian roads and Australian drivers. Catered to the Australian market, Kelpro’s latest product range features over 1750 separate engine mounts, to make it one of Australia’s most comprehensive ranges of engine mounts to suit an expansive variety of the cars, trucks, SUVS and commercial vehicles that you regularly see on Australian roads.

Designed to not only keep your engine mounted as securely and safely as possible, Kelpro engine mounts will also reduce vibrations to your cockpit, enhancing the comfort of both you and your passengers.

Why Should I Choose Kelpro?

Kelpro’s range has been specifically developed with front wheel drive and all-wheel drive applications in mind- the fastest growing segments of Australia’s automotive market. These vehicles require a full engine mount replacement to maintain the best engine stability and ride comfort, meaning that you should always invest in the finest engine mounts to keep yourself safe and comfortable every time you get into your car.

Being one of Australia's leading manufacturers of fine rubber components for a huge range of vehicle applications, you can always be certain that the very best materials have gone into the manufacturing and engineering of every Kelpro engine mounts. All Kelpro engine mounts are made from either high quality rubber or a unique urethane design, giving them an increased resistance to oil contamination as well as enhanced tensile strength and impact resistance. Kincrome Engine Mounts have been designed to put up with the increased stresses and strains that come with high-performance, high torque and high powered engines.

Our Range of Kelpro

Sparesbox is pleased to offer a premium range of Kelpro Engine Mounts, Wheel Bearings, Steering Rack Boots, Power Steering Hoses, Driveshaft Center Bearings, Power Steering Pumps, and Driveshaft Couplings designed to improve the feel of your vehicle.