About King Springs

King Springs is Australia's premier aftermarket coil spring manufacturer. With over 60 years experience designing and manufacturing springs for Australian conditions they have a product ideally suited to your application and vehicle's suspension system.

For 60 years now, King Springs have led the way in Australian suspension springs. Based out of Queensland's Gold Coast, they have risen throughout the decades to become one of the most trusted brands in Australia's bustling suspension aftermarket. Recently moving into a massive new factory complex spanning 8,000 square meters, no one down under has the capacity and the facilities to make quality springs quite like King Springs.

King Springs' reputation for quality in all circles has grown over the years, and now they're one of the most prominent names in the demanding arena of Australian motorsport. Throughout the years, King Springs have been used on cars in the V8 Supercars series, including entries from Nissan NISMO, Erebus Motorsport and Prodrive Ford Performance Racing.

Why Should I Choose King Springs?

King Springs are used extensively in motorsport and their dedicated R&D team keeps them at the forefront of the industry. Each King Spring is precision rolled from engineering grade lightweight spring steel, shot peened, powder coated and tested to ensure the highest quality and durability. All King Springs products are manufactured to certified ISO9001 quality standards.

King Springs lowered springs can greatly improve your handling due to a lower travel, improved feel from the road and a lower centre of gravity for your vehicle, in turn giving your car extra balance. On the other end of the spectrum, King Springs heavy duty springs and raised springs will last the distance under immense pressure with only a small sacrifice in ride quality.

Our Range of King Springs

King Springs specialise in developing the finest in spring technology for uses in all applications and ride heights. King Springs standard springs are their best selling sets, acting as direct OE replacement springs that maintain your vehicle's OE suspension specifications while enhancing your handling with the advanced technology and premium manufacturing that's come with the King Springs name. Heavy Duty variants of King Springs standard height springs are also available for many vehicles, which not only increase the life of your springs but also enhance your vehicle's capacity for carrying and towing heavy loads.

King Springs offer a range of Lowered Coil Springs, Standard Height Coil Springs, Raised Coil Springs, Super Low Coil Springs, Ultra Low Coil Springs, and Extra Raised Coil Springs to suit a wide range of vehicle applications and purposes.