About K&N Filters

K&N Filters have pioneered high flow, high performance filtration since 1969, manufacturing a wide range of K&N OE Replacement Air Filters, K&N Cold Air Intakes, K&N Oil Filters, and K&N Pod Filters to suit a huge range of high performance passenger vehicles, 4x4s and SUVs. All K&N air filters and K&N cold air intakes guarantee two benefits to your vehicle: superior flow and superior performance.

Naturally, K&N's reputation has preceded them worldwide and for many motorsport enthusiasts, K&N Filters are the absolute first name they think of when it comes to performance filtration.

Why Should I Choose a K&N Filter?

Now the official filter supplier of NASCAR teams, you can be guaranteed that the racing pedigree of K&N has influenced even the most standard air filter that you've bought from them to put in your car. The high quality cotton filter media and steel meshing built into every K&N air filter has a number of valuable purposes, the chief of which is a higher flow of air into the engine. Using this material also ensures high level filtration and lasting, reinforced toughness that's customisable to suit a wide range of vehicles.

All K&N filters have a million-mile lifetime warranty, are fully washable and are built for consistent performance from the first to the millionth mile of use.

Our Range of K&N Filters and K&N Cold Air Intakes

K&N filters are made to suit a wide variety of vehicles, from enhanced stock filters as direct replacements for your vehicle's existing filter, to universal clamp-on air filters & pod filters. Going one step further in the pursuit of performance, K&N Filters also manufacture a huge range of cold air intakes and induction kits.

These kits are aimed at completely optimising the flow of air into your engine through the use of aerodynamic hosing, minimised air resistance and of course their famous high flow air filters, all put together into one easy-to-install package. This boosted air flow can massively increase your vehicle's capacity to make power, as a result of more air/fuel mixture being injected into the engine when you hit the throttle.