For more than 50 years, Germany's LIQUI-MOLY have led the way in automotive oils, lubricants and additives. All of their products are engineered at the highest quality and available for a massive variety of uses, such as everyday driving, competition, 4x4, performance, muscle and classic cars.

LIQUI MOLY has a rich history of pioneering the motor oil industry with the introduction of liquified Molybdenum Dispulphate, commonly known as MOS2, as a lubricant additive for car engines. With incredible anti-friction, lubrication and heat resistant properties, MOS2 quickly became one of the most popular additives put into performance and prestige vehicles across the globe.

Why Should I Choose LIQUI MOLY?

Putting LIQUI-MOLY oil in your car during your service is guaranteeing a level of reliable performance that many other of the most well-known oil brand simply fail to offer. Our range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral LIQUI-MOLY oils are engineered, formulated and manufactured under the strictest conditions to meet precise German standards, and guarantee lasting quality. Put simply, every LIQUI-MOLY lubricant is engineered from the very first step to be the best.

Our Range of LIQUI MOLY

Like many others, starting with a LIQUI-MOLY mineral oil is a great entry-level solution to enhance the protection given to the every day engine compared to a stock standard mineral oil that you can find anywhere. For the enthusiast however, only the finest will do, and this is where LIQUI-MOLY's ranges of high-end synthetic and synthetic technology engine oils come into play.

These oils are formulated for the ultimate in performance, abrasion and temperature resistance, and optimised to the type of vehicle most likely to be running the certain grade of oil that the bottle contains. If a LIQUI-MOLY oil is specified for long-life vehicles, you can be sure that you're getting the best protection, and if it's specified for performance, you can be sure that a LIQUI-MOLY product is made to help your engine perform at it's optimum level.

LIQUI-MOLY's wide range of additives share the same qualities, and our range of LIQUI-MOLY diesel and fuel additives are guaranteed to refresh your fuel system and get it performing how it should. Be sure to use these on a regular basis between service intervals to help things like your transmission, differential and fuel injection systems perform at their very best.

Sparesbox stocks the complete range of LIQUI-MOLY Special TecLIQUI-MOLY Top TecLIQUI-MOLY Synthoil, and LIQUI-MOLY Leichtlauf oils to suit all applications and vehicle types.