About Mackay Rubber

Mackay Rubber is an Australian company that design and manufacture a wide range of aftermarket rubber components. Named after the town it originates from, Mackay Rubber is a 100% Australian owned company first formed as an automotive parts supplier in 1932. Despite coming from small beginnings, Mackay have steadily grown over the decades to producing thousands of automotive parts every year with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Their product range has expanded from simple hosing and rubber components to high quality parts to fit just about every vehicle on Australia's roads.

Why Should I Choose Mackay Rubber?

Their commitment to innovation and quality ensure there is a part to suit your application. Mackay Rubber specialise first and foremost in hoses, and all Mackay hoses guarantee lasting performance and reliability. Mackay Rubber have never been afraid of advancement and their production techniques, including 3D scanning technology made to ensure precision measurements, put Mackay at the forefront of automotive part manufacturing. Mackay's products are globally renowned, and as well as being increasingly exported worldwide, Mackay hoses in particular are also are the chosen OE part for the Holden Commodore.

Our Range of Mackay Hoses & Mackay Rubber Parts

Sparesbox carries a gargantuan range of almost 6000 individual Mackay hoses and Mackay rubber parts, all designed to meet the strictest standards of quality. Mackay hoses are made to fit just about every area of your vehicle, including vacuum and breather hoses for your brake and engine, cooler hoses for your oil and transmission, radiator and cooling system hoses, and even hoses for your power steering.

As well as this, Mackay Rubber's extensive range of engine, transmission and suspension components will keep your vehicle's internals well protected and secure. This includes a premium range of Mackay engine mounts, bump stops, gear links and suspension bushes, steering arms, control arms and strut braces. Mackay also manufacture high quality radiators which can be made available upon request.