Mean Mother HW1600C - Wire Cable for 1600kg Hand Winch
Mean Mother FXETN - Winch Tie Bar Extensions Boss Series
Mean Mother HW3200 - Hand Winch 3200kg With Cable
Mean Mother EW9500B - 4x4 Edge Electric Winch 9500lb Bare
Mean Mother EW3500S - 4x4 Peak Electric Winch 3500lb Synthetic Rope
Mean Mother EW9500S - 4x4 Edge Electric Winch 9500lb Synthetic Rope
Mean Mother EW2500 - 4x4 Peak Electric Winch 2500lb
Mean Mother EW12000B - 4x4 Edge Electric Winch 12000lb Bare
Mean Mother EW12000S - 4x4 Edge Electric Winch 12000lb Synthetic Rope
Mean Mother DC01 - Winch Solenoid Edge Series 12V
Mean Mother MMEQ8 - Equaliser Strap 2.5m x 75mm 8T
Mean Mother MMEXJ - Exhaust Jack Kit 4,000kg
Mean Mother MM513 - D Shackle 16 x 19mm 3.25T
Mean Mother MM511 - Bow Shackle 16 x 19mm 3.25T
Mean Mother MM512 - Bow Shackle 19 x 22mm 4.7T
Mean Mother HW3200C - Wire Cable for 3200kg Hand Winch
Mean Mother HW1600 - Hand Winch 1600kg With Cable
Mean Mother EW9500 - 4x4 Edge Electric Winch 9500lb
Mean Mother EW6000 - 4x4 Edge Electric Winch 6000lb
Mean Mother EW3500 - 4x4 Peak Electric Winch 3500lb
Mean Mother EB9500 - 4x4 Boss Electric Winch 9500lb
Mean Mother EW2000 - Peak Electric Winch 2000lb
Mean Mother EW12000 - 4x4 Edge Electric Winch 12000lb
Mean Mother DCATV - Winch Solenoid Peak Series ATV
Mean Mother DCX500 - Winch Solenoid Boss Series 12V 500A
Mean Mother CBWLKIT - Winch Wireless Remote Upgrade Kit Edge Series
Mean Mother CB01 - Winch Control Box Edge Series
Mean Mother CB02 - Winch Control Box Boss Series 12V
Mean Mother RC03 - Winch Hand Control Boss Series
Mean Mother RC04 - Winch Hand Control Edge Series
Mean Mother RCATV - Winch Handle Bar Switch Peak Series ATV
Mean Mother MMTGE2 - Tyre Gauge 60psi w/ 2in Extension
Mean Mother MMTTP - Tree Trunk Protector 3m x 75mm 6.5T
Mean Mother MMSS8T - Snatch Strap 9M X 60mm 8T
Mean Mother RC01 - Winch Hand Control Peak Series 2000lb

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About Mean Mother 4WD Winches & Recovery

Aussie made, owned and designed for use in the toughest conditions down under, Mean Mother have created a range of 4x4 winches, recovery tools and equipment that means serious business. Mean Mother is a proud product of Haigh Australia, one of Australia’s leaders in aftermarket auto parts who boast over 40 years of experience in servicing the industry with a lasting commitment to product development.

An ensuring committment to quality, along with their efficient supply chain operating out of southern Queensland, means that ordering a Mean Mother product means you’ll get 100% Aussie products that help the local industry and are built to truly last the distance.

Why Should I Choose Mean Mother 4x4 Products?

Mean Mother 4x4 products are designed to cater for all the tough situations you and your off-roader often find yourselves in. Mean Mothers main addition to the market comes in the form of their outstanding range of electric winches and winch accessories. Mean Mothers’ line of winches come in their Edge series, for the casual enthusiast who also puts a priority on value for money, as well as the Boss series for serious off-roaders who put their vehicles through the toughest conditions and terrains.

All Mean Mother winches come with high quality waterproof solenoids, gearboxes and bushings to ensure the ultimate in smooth operation and reliability. Mean Mother make winches to use with a wide variety of vehicles, ranging through 6000, 9000 and 12000lb capacities.

Our Range of Mean Mother 4x4 Products

Mean Mother also manufacture an outstanding range of Electric Winches, Snatch Blocks & Straps, Winch Ropes & Cables, Recovery Tow Hooks, and Winch Control Units to ensure that your vehicle is well equipped for every situation. Here at Sparesbox, we stock Mean Mother winch solenoids, shackles, recovery hooks, winch control boxes and even upgrade kits to make your electric winch remote controllable. All Mean Mother 4x4 products come with an outstanding warranty and are guaranteed to last under the toughest Australian conditions.