Microfibre Towel MLH Multi Purpose 12 Pack 64MLH804
Microfibre Glass Towel MLH Super Clean 64MLH500
Microfibre Towel Professional Detailing MLH Twin Pack 64MLH806
Microfibre Towel MLH Professional Multi Purpose 10 Pack 64MLH802
MLH Perfect Finish Microfibre Polishing Pack 64MLH901
Microfibre Super Absorber MLH Professional Size 64MLH210
Polishing Pad MLH Circular 6.5" Round 64MLH466
Polish Applicator Pads MLH Superior Performance 64MLH470
Microfibre Towel MLH Multi Purpose 6 Pack 64MLH800
Microfibre Towel MLH Multi Purpose 3 Pack 64MLH801

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About MLH Car Detailing

Affectionately referred to as the “the little helper”, MLH has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. MLH products have proved to be a worthy investment and a great addition to the car care kit of any detailing enthusiast.

MLH has the best body-men, mechanics and all-around car guys that create their products with cutting edge technology to offer the best possible results. All MLH car detailing products are designed to offer lasting quality, an effective and clean vehicle surface along with a perfect finish.

What Makes MLH Car Detailing Products So Good?

Known for doing the simple things well, MLH focusses solely on their outstanding range of polishing cloths and pads, microfibre towels & chamois, glass towels and car detailing brushes.

When it comes to washing your car, MLH makes a great range of sponges and microfibre wash mitts that make cleaning all areas of your vehicle and car detailing easier than ever and make others envious.

After the wash, avoid the streaks and water marks by drying your car with MLH's range of drying towels and chamois, which are available in both leather and synthetic versions. Detailing your car both inside and out is now easier than ever too, with the MLH range of polishing cloths, polishing pads, glass towels, wheel brushes and interior dusting mitts.

Our Range of MLH Car Detailing Products

Sparesbox has teamed up with MLH Car Detailing Products to offer an extensive range of car detailing products for the Australian market. All of their products are available individually, as well as in car care kits to ensure you have all the specific products you need to achieve a true showroom shine.

MLH also produce a range of products for car care professionals and mobile car detailing businesses. Multi-packs of their microfibre towels, professionally sized polishing towels, glass towels and chamois are available at Sparesbox to ensure an expert finish in seconds across multiple vehicles every day.