About MOMO

Founded in 1964 by race car driver Gianpiero Moretti, Momo was born on the race track with the most discerning performance-oriented drivers in mind. In less than a year, Gianpiero Moretti’s ergonomically superior steering wheel wrote its page in automotive folklore when it was used by Ferrari race driver John Sutees to win the 1964 Formula One World Championship.

Since then, Momo have continued to pave the way for performance steering wheels and have found their way into High-performance, Drift, Formula 1 and Show Cars all over the world. With an eye for design, detail and function, Momo have been able to consistently create the most striking and user friendly steering wheels on the market, guaranteed to command attention on and off the track.

Why Should I Choose Momo Steering Wheels?

Momo Steering Wheels have been engineered and manufactured using only the highest quality materials to withstand the abuse and punishment that is synonymous with racing. Supplying interior racing products to some of the world's most demanding and prestigious race teams, you'll often find the famous MOMO logo on the liveries of teams and drivers throughout Formula 1, World Touring Cars, the WEC and the World Rally Championship, amongst many others.

Few companies can boast the prestige and performance of MOMO, filtering down into their great range of every day consumer products.

Our Range of Momo Steering Wheels

Sparesbox is proud to carry this range, and our line of MOMO Tuning Line Steering Wheels, MOMO Racing Line Steering Wheels, and MOMO Heritage Line Steering Wheels are both 100% genuine and guaranteed to provide you with the quality that has made MOMO a household name the world over.