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Mothers Back to Black Trim Cleaner Kit Heavy Duty 656141
Mothers Back to Black Car Plastic Restorer 355mL 656112
Mothers Back to Black Tyre Renew Spray 710mL 659324
Mothers Back to Black Tyre Shine Spray 710mL 656924

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About Mothers Back to Black

As the name suggests, Mothers Back to Black is all about restoring the black surfaces of your car to a perfect shine. The black trim and surfaces on your vehicle need the best care to keep a rich deep look with a natural shine that keeps your vehicle looking new.

Keeping these materials looking deep and dark is just as important as well maintained paint in keeping a fresh look for your vehicle, and the Mothers Naturally Black range is designed for just this. Mothers Naturally Black Trim and Plastic Restorer is their original all-round solution for restoring the black plastic trim and surfaces of your vehicle back to a new look and deep finish, and the Mothers Heavy Duty Naturally Black Trim Cleaner Kit contains all the products you need to get your black trim and plastics looking deep and new once more.