About Mothers Classic

The Mothers Powerball Series brings a new world of convenience to the world of car detailing, ingeniously utilising a household drill to create an outstanding power polish. Everyone knows the best finish comes from a power polisher, and the Mothers Powerball utilises a gentle spherical foam head to gently and effectively restore a great shine to all aluminium, metal and chrome surfaces. It's unique shape gets into all spaces and gaps and is perfect for intricate areas of your vehicle.

A number of Mothers Powerball kits are available for different uses, including the Mothers Powerball Mini and Mothers Powerball MD, all of which are perfect for quickly polishing metal surfaces to a brilliant shine. The Mothers Powerball system can also be used with plastic and glass polishes to help restore perfect clarity to all clear surfaces across your vehicle, while the Mothers Powerball 4Paint head makes polishing your vehicle's paint quicker and easier than ever.