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About Motorkool

MotorKool is synonymous with premium quality Cooling Parts, Radiators and Air Conditioners. Motorkool cooling and heat transfer solutions are suitable for a range of applications.

MotorKool parts have been engineered to deliver premium value and superior build quality, to keep you and your engine cool and comfortable in Australia’s testing conditions. With a product range that caters for all drivers and conditions, MotorKool have sourced one of the best range of cooling parts to suit cars, trucks and commercial vehicles of both light and heavy duty.

Why Should I Choose Motorkool?

MotorKool's range of parts is outstanding and designed to fit a huge range of vehicles. Designed to fit across a wide range of uses throughout your vehicle's cooling and air conditioning systems, MotorKool have sourced radiators, radiator fan assemblies and fan blades, cooling fan assemblies, air conditioning condensers, radiator expansion tanks, coolant overflow bottles, and even windscreen washing bottles.

In order to guarantee the performance and reliability of their radiators, MotorKool sources a wide majority of their radiator parts and components from TYG, a company revered by automotive cooling specialists for the quality of their components, the manufacturing standards of their assemblies and their strict commitment to meeting OE specifications.

Our Range of MotorKool

Sparesbox carries a wide range of products including OE Replacement Radiators, OE Replacement Radiator Fans, AC Condensors, Coolant Expansion Tanks, and Washer Bottles from MotorKool. MotorKool’s entire range of engine components undergo extreme quality checks to ensure durability and efficiency in your vehicle.

The experts at MotorKool have put a lot of thought into sourcing their range to suit Australia’s harsh climate, roads and temperatures, meaning you'll always have the optimum temperature no matter where you're driving.