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About MSD Ignition

Founded by two engineers from White Sands (New Mexico) in 1970, MSD was initially a research and development company committed to creating a lean burn fuel system (Electrasonic Fuel Induction system) that would improve fuel efficiency in new and older vehicles.

In the process of perfecting the new fuel system, MSD engineers found that it became difficult for conventional breaker points and early electronic ignitions to ignite because the air/fuel ratio had become so lean. As a result, MSD engineers started researching a new ignition system using modern technology that opened the door for an ignition system capable of sparking multiple times.


Why Should I Choose MSD Ignition Coils?

MSD have been producing the best performing and most popular performance ignitions for more than 20 years. Utilising the high energy spark of the CD design with the multiple spares resulted in a potent recipe for ignition system performance. In addition to igniting the lean fuel mixture, MSD ignition made overall improvements in the engine’s performance.

MSD ignition coils are suitable for application on performance vehicles and daily driven vehicles alike. Providing improved starting, smoother idle, less emissions and more power, MSD ignition coils provide benefits that will improve the performance, reliability, and drivability of race vehicles, performance vehicles and commuter vehicles.  


Our Range of MSD Ignition Coils

Sparesbox are pleased to offer an extensive range of MSD Ignition products including Performance Ignition Coils, Performance Ignition Leads, and Performance Ignition Modules suitable for application on a wide range of V8 engines from Holden, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, General Motors and more. 

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