About NGK Spark Plugs

NGK is the world leader in spark plug and glow plug technology. NGK were founded out of Nagoya, Japan over 80 years ago. Funnily enough, NGK's Spark Plug division was actually an offshoot of their insulator business, initially supplying small Japanese car makers with spark plugs. As the Japanese car industry grew however, so did they, and today they can claim the title of the world's largest OEM spark plug manufacturer. NGK Australia alone imports and sells millions of spark plugs every year, as well as glow plugs and ignition parts to fit just about every car on Aussie roads.

Why Should I Choose NGK Spark Plugs?

It's not an easy task to earn the reputation as a "world leader" in something, but when it comes to Spark Plug and Glow Plug technology, NGK truly are the dominant force and are the chosen choice of motorsport enthusiasts, specialists, mechanics and daily drivers world wide.

NGK's technological prowess is globally respected, and their presence is felt on the stockrooms of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers, the workshops of just about every respected car mechanic worldwide, and in the engines of Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull and Force India's Formula 1 cars. This position has enabled them to pioneer some of the major developments in spark plug and ignition technology, including their famous iridium spark plugs, iridium IX spark plugs and laser platinum spark plugs, just to name a few.

NGK enjoys incredible success in the Australian market, selling a massive amount of spark plugs every year to Aussie drivers and asserting themselves as THE name to have installed in your car when it comes to getting your service done. Their reputation for quality precedes them, and NGK are not only the designated Spark Plug OEM for the wide majority of Australia's remaining vehicle manufacturers, but also a trusted choice of many V8 Supercar teams for use in their cars, including Nissan NISMO Racing. As such, it's almost impossible to walk into an every day garage and not see at least a few NGK spark plugs on the shelves, whether they be for a genuine replacement or for aftermarket performance.

Our NGK Range

Sparesbox carries one of Australia's largest and most accessible online ranges of NGK Laser Platinum Spark Plugs, NGK Racing Spark Plugs, NGK Standard Spark Plugs, NGK Ignition Coils, NGK Ignition Leads, and NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK's spark plug range starts with budget and OE replacement spark plugs for a huge range of vehicles, to laser platinum spark plugs, iridium and iridium XI spark plugs for the ultimate in spark plug technology.

Spares Box also carries some of their outstanding range in ignition products, including NGK ignition leads and NGK glow plugs for diesel vehicles. Over 70 years of development has gone into NGK's entire ignition range, and as they say themselves, for that reason you'd be a fool not to insist on NGK at your next service.

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