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About Nuline Pulleys

Nuline Pulleys is one of Australia’s most reputable manufacturers of Engine Pulleys & Tensioners across a wide range of applications. Nuline Pulleys is a sub-brand of Dayco Australia, a global leader in aftermarket automotive accessories and parts.

With their presence in the automotive market for more than a century, Dayco has emerged as one of the most respected automotive brands in Australia. Their product line includes OE systems, drive belts, tensioners, pulleys and various automotive cooling system components.

Why Should I Choose Nuline Pulleys?

Dayco Nuline engine pulleys are high quality iron and pressed steel alternatives for upgrading your components to a premium, performance based option. Nuline pulleys have gained prominence over the past few years because of the increased use of serpentine drive belts.

Incorporating ball bearings, all engine pulleys run at very high revs relative to engine speed. Boasting enhanced resistance to dirt, heat and moisture than OE items, all Nuline pulleys and ball bearings are C3 rated with high-speed races for maximum service life even at high RPM's. Nuline pulleys are the number one choice for Australian vehicle repairers.

Our Range of Nuline Pulleys

Sparesbox has partnered with Nuline Pulleys to offer a diverse range of Engine Idler Pulleys, Overrunning Alternator Pulleys, and Pulley Mounts

Nuline engine pulleys are manufactured from metal instead of plastic for greater strength and wear resistance. Nuline Pulleys are designed to meet or even exceed OE specifications in all areas. Sparesbox is proud to provide to offer these high quality products by Dayco’s Nuline Pulleys to ensure a smooth operation and extended life of your vehicle.