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About Orcon

From the trusted Haigh stable that has been servicing the automotive industry with parts and accessories for over 40 years, Orcon Precision Tools is their most trusted name in delivering all the parts, equipment and tools that make carrying out vehicle maintenance as quick and painless as possible. Orcon manufacture a huge range of general tools, jacks, stands and electric devices to properly kit out your workshop in an effective manner, putting all the tools for every job directly at your disposal.

Why Should I Choose Orcon Tools?

Haigh's family of automotive accessory and tool manufacturers is one of the most respected in the country, and they supply many of our best selling accessories including Mean Mother winches, headlight covers, dash mats and premium car care. As part of this success story, Orcon have worked with Haigh to become a truly trusted tool supplier for many people with know-how in the automotive industry.

Our Range of Orcon Tools

For every day jobs, Orcon manufacture a wide range of tools and accessories such as Wheel Braces, Tyre Tools, and Wheel Tools, to make all the basic areas of vehicle maintenance as easy as possible. Orcon’s tool range extends from sockets and wrenches to caulking guns, pumps, funnels, hoses, duct tape, stanley knives, screwdrivers, crimping tools and spanners. Orcon also offer plastic organisers and all-in-one tool kits to keep your tools and accessories as organised throughout your workshop as possible. Every workshop needs a little more high-powered assistance from time to time, and for this Orcon also offer outstandingly reliable soldering irons, rechargeable drills, glue guns and even body repair kits to remove extensive damage from your vehicle’s exterior.

The more intricate jobs of your vehicle often require a specialist approach, and for this it may be necessary to lift your vehicle or it’s engine off the ground to carry out necessary repairs. For two wheeled enthusiasts, Orcon also offers a Motorcycle Dirt Bike Lift that makes bike maintenance simple.