OSRAM Lighting is one of the world's largest manufacturers of lighting products for both home and automotive applications. German-founded and now employing over 37,000 people globally, OSRAM is a true force in the world of lighting, and as such they are one of the world's most trusted names in car lighting too.

OSRAM began in Berlin, Germany over 110 years ago, named after the German translations of Osmium and Tungsten, two elements they commonly used to develop their early lights. Originally operating under the banner of the Siemens group with which it was merged, OSRAM became a separate entity a couple of years ago and was listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange to great success. By the middle of the century, OSRAM was a true power in the German lighting market and over the decades, OSRAM has grown to one of the world's largest lighting manufacturers. OSRAM now operates in over 120 countries, including Australia.

Why Should I Choose OSRAM Lights?

OSRAM Australia enjoys a strong consumer base in the markets of both household and automotive lighting. OSRAM lights adorn the houses and cars of thousands of Australians, and

Based out of Sydney, OSRAM lighting boasts a strong supplier/distributor network across the nation, something Sparesbox is now proud to be a part of by stocking it's incredible range of LED lighting products.

Our Range of OSRAM Lights

Sparesbox carries a great range of OSRAM LED lights and LED Kits for automotive purposes, mainly geared towards filling the gap in the market that has emerged with the favourable trend towards daytime running lights. OSRAM also offer an extensive range of Headlight Globes, Boyonet Globes, Wedge Globes, Festoon Globes, HID KIts, Motorcycle Globes, and Dash Globes