About Philips Globes

Philips really needs no introduction. One of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic goods and lighting, Dutch-based Philips is one of the most common and trusted brands you're likely to see throughout the homes and cars of the world.

Philips are the masters of halogen light globe technology. Their extensive range of globes produce more light and see further than standard headlight bulbs, last longer and have a better resistance to harsh conditions. Specifically engineered to be as rugged as they are versatile, Philips lighting products are made from the toughest materials to resist extreme heat, humidity and even UV radiation.

Why Should I Choose Phillips Globes?

While Philips offers more products across the family home than almost anyone else, they've also worked been working for over a century in developing one of the leading ranges of automotive lighting on the road. A trusted supplier of OE quality lighting for a massive range of the world's leading manufacturers, Philips have pioneered some of the most commonly used technologies in modern automotive lighting. Philips have more experience in the world of automotive lighting than almost any other company, developing their first headlight over 100 years ago.

Our Range of Philips Globes

Sparesbox carries a wide range of Philips light globes including Headling Globes, Wedge Gloves, Motorcycle Globes, Boyonet Globes, and Festoon Globes- all of which meet the strict standards of the world's leading vehicle manufacturer. We stock both halogen and standard headlight globes, all of which are engineered to outstrip their counterparts from other brands in every way. Spares Box stocks Philips light globes in both twin packs and 10 packs to suit a massive range of vehicles and applications. Some of our Philips halogen globes are capable of making incredible amounts of light, and some are even engineered with blue quartz to add as much style as performance to your vehicle's lighting system.