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About Polyair Airbag Suspension

Polyair is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of airbag suspension kits. Bringing together the toughest, most technologically advanced parts to create sets that are perfect for a wide range of uses, Polyair have all of your air suspension needs sorted.

Using airbags to either assist your vehicle’s coil springs or replace them altogether is a great way to help your vehicle maintain stability when carrying or towing heavy loads. Polyair’s range of air bag suspension kits is perfectly suited to all the different applications and vehicle’s you’re likely to find when working under the Australian sun.

What Makes Polyair So Good?

The primary advantage of Polyair Air Bag Suspension Kits is their adjustability. Deflate them for a softer, more comfortable ride when carrying light loads, and inflate them when you need added support and increased rigidity from your vehicles suspension.

Using tough, heavy duty airbags made of double layer moulded rubber, the Polyair Bellows Airbag Suspension series also uses toughened end plates and a far higher inflation and deflation capability. A Polyair Bellows Air Suspension Kit will give your vehicle up to 2,200 kg of additional carrying power, making it perfect for heavy duty applications.

Our Range of Polyair

Sparesbox is pleased to stock a range of Polyair Airbag Suspension Kits. The Polyair Red Series is their entry-level series, with airbags made using moulded polyurethane and adjustable between air pressures of 5-35psi. This gives your suspension a great entry-level additional towing capability of 450kg, perfect for towing lighter loads on a regular basis or carrying commercial materials from day to day.

For those looking for a premium, no-compromise Airbag Suspension Kit, Polyair Bellows Series Airbag Kits are the ideal addition to any offroad (or urban) load carrying vehicle. 

All Polyair Airbag Suspension Kits come complete with all of the necessary nuts, bolts and components that make for incredibly easy installation.