About Powerbond Harmonic Balancers

Dayco has been supplying the Australian automotive industry with high-quality engine components and engine parts for more than a century. Located in Hallam, Victoria, Dayco Australia Pty Ltd work under the name Dayco and create products that deliver superior performance under all conditions.

Powerbond is an Australian success story. Started in Wagga Wagga over 30 years ago, their advanced design and manufacturing techniques have seen them grow to become a global leader in harmonic balancers – leading to their recent acquisition by Dayco automotive. Dayco's commitment to quality and ease of access means that Powerbond products are now better and easier to access than ever.

Why Should I Choose Powerbond Harmonic Balancers?

To ensure the longevity of your engine’s crankshaft, it is important to replace your vehicles harmonic balancer. A harmonic balancer assists in absorbing engine vibrations for reduced wear and greater ride quality. Using a Spheroidal graphite iron casting, Powerbond balancers have a near-steel strength and feature bonded rubber as used in original balancers.The dedicated team at Powerbond is committed to providing high quality harmonic balancers for excellent performance.

Our Range of Powerbond Harmonic Balancers

At Sparesbox, you can choose from a wide range of Powerbond harmonic balancers including Powerbond OEM Replacement, Powerbond Race Performance, Powerbond Street, Powerbond Overdrive Race, and Powerbond Underdrive Race Harmonic Balancers, to suit a wide variety of applications. Powerbond harmonic balancers have been designed to meet or exceed OE specifications.

Available for most popular passenger cars, 4x4’s and light commercial vehicles, Powerbond Harmonic Balancers are the industry leader as they offer engine repairers the option of a totally new assembly without burning a hole in their pocket.