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About Prestige Car Covers

Prestige Premium Car Covers are synonymous with market leading technology, premium quality materials and superior car protection. A sub-brand of Haigh, one of Australia's most trusted manufacturers of aftermarket automotive accessories, Prestige Premium Car Covers have been carefully engineered to provide lasting protection for your vehicle.

Whether you're looking for a Camper Trailer Cover, Car Cover, Caravan Cover, Marine/Boat Cover, Motorcycle Cover or RV Cover/ Motorhome Cover, Prestige's range of premium car covers has got you covered.

Why Should I choose Prestige Car Covers?

Because not all car covers are created equal.

Prestige Car Covers provide superior protection from the elements. Featuring a patented 4-layer composite system that allows moisture and condensation to escape and prevents liquid from penetrating the material, Prestige Car Covers shield your vehicle in the most extreme weather conditions.

Prestige Car Covers feature an ultra-soft lining that provides superior paint protection and UV stabilisation technology that is proven to prevent paint fade under Australia’s harsh sun. Ideal for those who park their car on the street, travel for extended periods or simple for added peace of mind, Prestige car covers are the preferred choice of car enthusiasts all over the world.

Our Range of Prestige Car Covers

Sparesbox is pleased to offer a broad range of Prestige Car Covers that are suitable for fitment on a range of Australia, Japanese, American and European makes and models. Whether you require protection for your Hatchback, Sedan, Wagon, 4x4 or Utility vehicle, Prestige's range of Premium Car Covers have got you and your car covered.