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About Proflow

Proflow is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of aftermarket performance products. Established in 2008 to combat the lack of alternatives for performance and tuning enthusiasts in Australia, Proflow is committed to engineering state of the art fluid transfer components, fittings, and performance components to suit Australia's most popular tuner cars.

Proflow's broad range of performance components includes Aluminium Surge Tanks, Gilmer Drive Kits, Brake Boosters, Intercoolers, Exhaust Header Extractors, Header Flange, Turbo Gasket, Exhaust Expansion Pipe’s, Replacement Belts, and many more.


Why Should I Choose Proflow?

Proflow products are designed and engineered in house to ensure the highest quality and fitment standards across the entire range. Computationally optimised and extensively tested by Proflow’s team of in-house engineers, Proflow can create rapid prototypes to ensure perfect fitment and pleasing aesthetics.

All Proflow fuel system related products are tested using ethanol-based and race specific fuel to ensure they maintain their integrity at the highest levels of performance. Engineered to meet strict SAE and Metric Standards, Proflow products are the trusted choice of high performance tuners and racing teams in Australia.


Our Range of Proflow Products

Sparesbox has paired with Proflow to offer a range of premium-quality and cost effective aftermarket performance products and fittings to make tuning and tracking your vehicle easier than ever. Proflow offers a range of Exhaust Headers, Gilmer Drives, Brake Boosters, Carburetor Linkages, Injector Plugs & Connectors, Carburetor Spacers, Exhaust Gaskets, and much more, suitable for application on a broad range of vehicles.