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About Prorack

Prorack have been developing world leading roof racks and roof rack accessories for more than thirty years. Founded in 1975 by a former Rolls Royce aircraft engineer, Prorack is one of the world’s most innovative and progressive manufacturers of premium quality roof racks and accessories designed to improve your vehicles load carrying capacity. Growing from a small family business, Prorack is now one of the leading original equipment manufacturers and suppliers to retail markets in Australasia, the United States and Europe.

What Makes Prorack So Good?

With a commitment to developing market leading innovation and technology, Prorack are consistently setting the standard for automotive carrying systems. With an aviation heritage that is evident in every product that they create, Prorack continue to work with Industrial Research Ltd. and the University of Canterbury in the United Kingdom to create load carrying products that decrease your vehicles aerodynamic drag, reduce cabin noise intrusion and improve your vehicles fuel economy.

Prorack understands that roof racks can increase your vehicles fuel consumption by as much as 15%, which is why they spend thousands of hours on research and development to create roof racks that improve your vehicles aerodynamic properties. Whether you’re looking to transport more cargo, kayaks & canoes, fishing gear, 4x4 accessories, bicycles, snowboard and ski equipment or trade accessories, Prorack’s range of roof racks and accessories has got you covered.

Our range of Prorack Roof Racks and Accessories

Sparesbox understands that finding the right roof racks and roof rack accessories to fit your vehicle can be a challenge, which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive range of Prorack products to make finding roof racks and roof rack accessories that work with your vehicle simple. Our Prorack Roof Rack Buying Guide can help you find the perfect roof racks to suit your needs. 

Sparesbox stocks an extensive range of Prorack P-Bar, Prorack S Wing, Prorack HD-Bar and Prorack Trade Bar roof rack kits that have been designed to work with Prorack Canoe & Kayak Accessories, Prorack Cycling Accessories, Prorack Touring and Recreation, Prorack Roof Boxes, Prorack Surfboard Roof Rack Accessories, Prorack Snowboard & Ski Racks, Prorack Trades Accessories and Prorack Fishing. Our range of Prorack accessories are also compatible with a number of other roof rack brands including Rhino Roof Racks, Thule Roof Racks and Rola Roof Racks.