About Protective Plastics

Protective Plastics are one of Australia's leading manufacturers of a huge range of automotive plastic protectors and accessories. Specialising in the most exposed areas of your vehicle, Protective Plastics manufacture headlight protectors, bonnet protectors, weather shields and dust deflectors, all custom made to fit your vehicle and offer it the very best protection.

Why Should I Choose Protective Plastics?

Protective Plastics is part of the renowned Haigh Group of Australian Automotive parts companies, which features only the brands most renowned for their workmanship, commitment to quality and outstanding value to the customer. In addition to this, Haigh has one of the biggest supply chains around our country, meaning that Protective Plastics have all the tools required to make the largest range of protectors for all vehicles widely available across the entire nation.

With a reputation of manufacturing quality that's unrivalled in the market, you know that with Protective Plastics headlight covers you're getting the ultimate fit and the best look for your vehicle.

Our Protective Plastics Range

Protective Plastics' range of acrylic solutions is vast, but here at Sparescox we've chosen focus on their great range of Weathershields, Bonnet Protectors, and Headlight Protectors

Being the specialists that they are in a wide range of plastic protectors, it's only naturaly that they make headlight protectors to give the best armor for one of the more delicate areas of your car. Cut to fit your vehicle exactly, these headlight protectors are made from the finest acrylic materials and built to last in all weather conditions. This means that your headlights will have great armor from dust, scratches, dirt, rocks and road grit, and will remain as clean as possible.

Protective Plastics manufacture headlight covers to suit a huge range of the most common (and hardest working!) vehicles that you see on Australian roads, and come in easy to install packages. As with anything, ensure that you're getting the perfect accessory for your car by using our vehicle fitment system above, if you haven't done so already.