About Protex

A trusted division of Australian Truck and Auto Parts (ATAP), Protex is one of Australia’s leaders in the distribution of quality automotive parts and automtotive spares.

Protex distributes brake components, gas struts, hydraulics, transmission and suspension components, manufactured under their name by some of the world’s leading companies in Automotive engineering.

What Makes Protex So Good?

Since entering the market in the late 1990’s, Protex is now one of Australia’s most respected names in Automotive spares and automotive components. Combining cutting edge technology, extensive research and development, Protex has managed to stay at the forefront of innovation despite a rapidly increasing number of models and model variations available on the Australian automotive market.

Protex are responsible for one of Australia’s most comprehensive ranges of brake components, gas struts, clutch, steering, suspension, cooling and general automotive service items. Protex deliver OE or better quality and cost effective automotive solutions to the Australian market. Independently sourcing Protex automotive components before your vehicle is due for a major service could save you hundreds of dollars.

Our Range of Protex

Sparesbox is pleased to carry an extensive range of Protex automotive parts suitable for application on a wide range of vehicles. Our extensive range of Protex products includes Water Pumps, Wheel Cylinder Assemblies, Wheel Cylinder Kits, Slave Cylinders, OE Replacement Radiators, Master Cylinders, ABS Sensors, and much more. 

Independently sourcing Protex automotive components from Sparesbox in the lead up to a major service is a simple way to reduce the cost of servicing and maintaining your vehicle.