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About Raw 4x4 Suspension

Raw 4x4 is Australia's leading home-grown manufacturer and designer of 4x4 suspension components. With one of Australia's most trusted range of 4x4 shock absorbers developed with state of the art equipment in Aussie conditions, Raw 4x4 have been at the forefront of 4WD suspension for decades.

Raw 4x4 formed over 30 years ago right here in Australia, initially with the goal of making shock absorbers and suspsension components for trucks and buses that worked in Australia's harsh conditions. Originally named "Powerdown", their product range slowly expanded across Australia's growing variety of 4x4s, light commercial vehicles and SUVs until their 4x4 range was big enough to become its own entity. Finally, in 2005, Raw 4x4 was officially born, and the rest is history.

Since their growth into one of Australia's leading 4x4 suspension brands, Raw 4x4 have come ahead by leaps and bounds. They opened a state of the art testing facility in rural NSW, allowing them unrivalled power in developing the best shock absorbers and components for Australian conditions. Every Raw 4x4 shock absorber is also tested in an advanced dynamometer, similar to many of the world's leading motorsport teams.

Why Should I Choose Raw 4x4?

Everything Raw 4x4 does is about catering for Australian drivers, Australian conditions and our most popular 4x4s and SUVs. They extensively test every vehicle that they cater for, enabling them to get a good grip on its stock handling characteristics so they can build a line of products that suits your vehicle perfectly.

Designed to work with a wide variety of 4WDs, SUV's, heavy-duty and commercial vehicles, Raw 4x4 shock absorbers are designed to cope with the high pressures and temperatures that come with either heading off road or carrying and towing heavy loads. In order to achieve this, Raw 4x4 shocks are engineered with high pressure pistons, gases and oils to deliver enhanced heat resistance, incredible stability and improved handling, with reliable and consistent dampening across all surfaces and under all loads.

Our Range of Raw 4x4 Suspension

For every vehicle Raw 4x4 develops suspension parts including RAW NItro Max, RAW Nitro, RAW Predator, and RAW RFX. Sparesbox carries all of these to ensure you're getting the ride and suspension performance that's catered specifically to your vehicle and its needs.

Raw Nitro shock absorbers are the perfect all-round 4x4 shock, designed to provide the best balance between improved handling, reduced body roll and heavy duty, off-road performance, all without compromising on ride quality. On the other hand, the Nitro Max range is the heavyweight of the Raw 4x4 family, using the largest bores, largest valves and highest gas capacity to ensure stability and performance under heavy loads, punishing heavy duty use and the harshest roads.

When it comes to performance use and tackling the off-road in the most competitive way possible, the newly-evolved Raw Predator line is the choice for you. These shocks use a mono tube design to ensure lower body roll, more responsive steering, higher levels of comfort and the ultimate in handling both off-and on road. Raw 4x4 also manufacture the new RFX range, with a high temperature oil conxrtuction that maintains 3-way adjustable dampening power and viscosity under the harshest conditions.

Raw 4x4 shock absorbers often form the main elements of a wide range of our 4x4 lift kits. When used in conjunction with tougher, raised springs, these shock absorbers prove an outstanding choice for anyone who wants to raise their vehicle for performance, work or aesthetic reasons.