REDARC Electronics are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of vehicle ignition systems, voltage converters, battery chargers and general automotive electronic devices and accessories. Founded in 1979 by electronics engineer Robin (Bob) William Mackie in South Australia, REDARC have excelled from humble beginnings to become a world-class, advanced electronics manufacturer servicing both domestic and international markets.

Despite rapid growth and international success, REDARC remains Australian owned and operated employing more than 150 people across 2 locations with 40 full time engineers constantly to ensure they remain at the forefront of Automotive Electronics.

Why Should I Choose REDARC?

REDARC is a world-class Automotive Electronics manufacturer catering to the domestic and international markets. REDCARC’s customer centric approach to manufacturing means that all their products are engineered, designed, and built to make staying charged and connected easier than ever before.

Our Range of REDARC Products

Sparesbox stock a range of REDARC products including Solar Panel Accessories, Battery Chargers, Voltage Reducers, Digital Gauge Accessories, Power Inverters, and much more. Whether you’re heading off road or hitting the open road, REDARC’s range of electronic devices, solar blankets and solar panels will keep you connected.