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About REMSA Brake Pads

Remsa are one of Australia's leading manufacturers of quality OE level brake pads. German engineered and manufactured in house from the backing plate to the revolutionary friction materials that make them so good, Remsa brake pads truly are a stalwart of quality in the automotive world.

Remsa began life almost 40 years ago and have continued the driving goal that it had when it originally came into the world - delivering quality OE braking to drivers across the world. With some of Germany's finest engineering and an extensive production capacity which extends across 10 countries and 4 continents, Remsa now manufacture almost 20 million brake pads every year, which are exported worldwide.

Why Should I Choose Remsa Brake Pads?

Remsa use a wide range of revolutionary techniques to ensure that their brake pads not only match up with their other OE braking counterparts, they exceed them too. The first of this is their HTP treatment process, which combines immense pressures and rapid-fire heating of the brake pad to create a completely even scorched surface across the face of the brake pad, which reduces bedding in time and prolongs healthy braking by reducing crystallisation.

Remsa's production and R&D teams are constantly striving to produce the best brake pads around, and innovation is at the forefront of every Remsa brake pad set. Individually engineered to meet the specific OE needs of your vehicle, you can be sure that every REMSA brake pad has been made from the latest, most effective friction materials with the greatest attention to detail possible. In order to validate this, Remsa rigorously test every brake pad set with road and dynamometer evaluation, as well as practical testing along the alpine pass which winds down Austria's Grossglockner mountain.

Our Range of Remsa Brake Pads

While we can't claim to have all 20 million of Remsa's brake pads that they make every year (although that would be handy!), Sparesbox carries a range of almost 500 Remsa brake pad sets to deliver the finest OE braking experience to many of Australia's most popular vehicles. All of our Remsa brake pads offer the outstanding levels of quality control and build quality as we specified above, and each Remsa brake pad we sell has been precision manufactured in-house by Remsa from start to finish.