About Runva

Runva are one of the world’s leading pioneers in winch technology. Established in 1997 as the first professional winch manufacturer in China, Runva have continued to innovate winch technology through careful product testing, development, and extensive real-world testing in the most testing conditions.  

Runva Australia was established in 2011 and has rapidly grown a dealer network and legion of happy customers. Runva Australia products are a well built, well priced winch solution covering a wide range of vehicle applications.


Why Should I Choose Runva?

All Runva winches are manufactured under strict quality control guidelines- this means that every winch coming out of the Runva factory is manufactured to the same high standard. Runva winches have been manufactured to meet the most rigorous industry standards including: ROHS, ISO9001:2000, CE, EWN14492-1, IP67, TUV.


Our Range of Runva Products


Sparesbox are pleased to stock an extensive range of Runva Australia Winch Parts & Accessories, 4x4 Winches, ATV Winches, Industrial Winches, Lifting Winches and much more. Whether you’re using electric or hydraulic power, Sparesbox range of Runva Australia winches has got you covered. Sparesbox’ extensive range of Runva winches means that you can choose the winch that suits your vehicles weight and intended use to find the features that you’ll need for what you’re planning to do.