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About Spares Box

Hand-picked by the resident mechanic at Sparesbox to give you the best performance at the best price, Sparesbox has brought together an amazing line of products to make your vehicle ready for high performance driving on both both on and off the road.

What Kind of Things Do Sparesbox Carry?

Sparesbox have brought together a fantastic range of street performance suspension kits, designed to give your vehicle's suspension system a complete performance overhaul at the best possible price. These kits contain the highest quality springs and shock absorbers, sourced from some of the world leaders in suspension parts and components. Every spring offered in these kits is premium manufactured from the highest grade steel, which offers all the benefits of a performance spring, the comfort of a road spring and a 30% weight reduction.

Many of these springs are also lowered, reducing the ride height of your vehicle and in turn reducing it's body roll and lowering its centre of gravity. All of this results in the best performing spring for your needs, meaning you'll stay comfortable on the road yet ready to perform when things start to heat up. All the while, these shocks are designed to be forgiving under standard road conditions, keeping you comfortable on the every day drive or commute.

For those heading off road, Spares Box have also sourced a range of quality LED light bars that offer all the brilliant lighting of their brand-name counterparts, without the massive price tag.

Who Supplies Sparesbox's Products?

The springs that make up a crucial part of our Sparesbox suspension kits are sourced from King Springs. Long known as one of Australia's leading names in performance, lowered and super-low coil springs, King Springs have developed a sporting heritage and have earned themselves the title of one of the leading suppliers of suspension springs in the V8 Supercars series.

On a similar vein, our range of shock absorbers paired with these springs have been picked to perfectly compliment your vehicle's suspension system. Sourced from the likes of Monroe and KYB, these shock absorbers are manufactured to cope with the high pressures and temperatures that are associated with extreme driving, giving you the confidence to throw your car into a corner in the knowledge that it will handle at its very best.