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About Sunland Dash Mats

Sunland specialise in one thing, and they do it better than any other Australian company: dash mats. As the nation's largest manufacturer of automotvive dashmats, they have nearly 30 years experience in developing Australia's largest, highest quality range. Originally starting by selling products that were essentially custom-cut carpets, Sunland have developed their product over time into a series of protectors scientifically proven to help shield and cool your vehicle's interior better than anything else.

Sunland are part of the Haighs group, who are trusted Australia-wide as one of the nation's leading aftermarket car parts groups. Every brand under the Haighs banner has to meet stringent standards of quality and accessibility to meet the needs of all Aussie drivers, meaning you can be sure you're getting a quality product in every Sunland dash mat.

Why Should I Choose a Sunland Dash Mat?

Sunland dashmats offer the perfect combination of modern design, luxurious feel and advanced protection for your vehicle's trim. Looking great on every dash, Sunland dash mats have a luxurious touch to them and are custom moulded to fit your vehicle's trim. Made from a revolutionary protex material, Sunland dash mats are built to last a lifetime and look great doing so.

Sunland dash mats have incredible protective qualities for your dashboard. As well as preventing stains and spills from getting on your interior trim, they also shield your dash from the harmful effects of UV radiation better than anything else. This helps keep your car cool, and even help boost the performance of your vehicle's A/C system.

Our Range of Sunland Dash Mats

Sparesbox carries a range of over 700 dashmats to suit just about every popular make and model of car on Australian roads. Custom fit to suit your car and work perfectly with all of its airbags, these dash mats are also available in 5 Piece, 4 Piece, 3 Piece, and 2 Piece, to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your vehicle's trim.