SuperPro Suspension

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About SuperPro Suspension

SuperPro is one of Australia’s most innovative manufacturers of automotive polyurethane suspension bushings and parts. Locally designed and manufactured, SuperPro suspension components have been designed and engineered to the highest standards to create suspension solutions that provide improved handling, greater stability and superior vehicle control than their OEM counterparts, in both on and off-road driving applications.

With more than 30 years’ experience providing high quality aftermarket suspension components to the Australian market, SuperPro has grown to become one of the world’s most trusted and respected suspension manufacturers. SuperPro has steadily grown, developing highly advanced proprietary formulas for their components, and their ranges of polyurethane bushings along with their roll control sway bar systems. For race teams, performance suspension companies and mechanics all across the world, SuperPro is synonymous with high quality, cost effective and lasting performance.

Why Should I Choose SuperPro?

SuperPro suspension components are manufactured using patented polyurethane formulation for enhanced temperature and abrasion resistance. The elastomer based material is a type of thermosetting synthetic polymer that involves the reaction of isocyanate resin with curing agents. In simple terms, this means that SuperPro’s parented polyurethane formulation combines the best elements of plastic and rubber for performance and durability. Whether you’re looking for high-performance or everyday driving comfort, SuperPro’s range of high-quality, long lasting suspension components are suitable for every driving application.

TEIN coilover suspension systems, the trusted suspension choice of some of the world's most demanding race teams and motoring enthusiasts, utilise SuperPro bushings. In addition, SuperPro is also the trusted component supplier for Formula 4x4, Australia's leader in 4x4 Lift Kits. Their bushing kits and components form the bulk of all Formula 4x4 lift kits which are used for a variety of applications.

Our Range of SuperPro Products

Sparesbox has teamed up with SuperPro to offer a range of engine mounts, gear linkage bushings, strut braces, suspension bushes, steering bushings, differential bushes and bump stops, that are suitable for application in a wide range of vehicles. Whether you’re chasing lap times, off road performance or just looking for a more comfortable suspension solution for you and your passengers, SuperPro’s range of Roll Control Sway Bars, Roll Control Alloy Control Arms, Roll Control Sway Bar Bushes, Roll Centre & Anti-Lift Kits, featuring patented polyurethane suspension products have a solution for you.