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About TEIN Coilovers

TEIN performance suspension systems are designed and engineered to the highest standards, enhancing your vehicle to its full driving potential. TEIN coilovers are world-renowned suspension upgrades designed to meet your driving style, and in most cases are fully adjustable to allow you unmatched control over the ride height, damping force and handling characteristics of your vehicle. TEIN specialise in delivering suspension upgrade systems for a wide range of Japanese and Australian performance vehicles, across a variety of uses and handling specifications.

Bred out of the world of Japanese customisation and motorsport, TEIN quickly earned themselves a name as one of the most trusted names in suspension amongst the car modifiers of Japan, and their reputation soon turned global. TEIN are now one of the true heavyweights, and their coilovers and suspension kits are one of Sparesbox' premium choices when it comes to performance suspension for both the track and the street. 

Why Should I Choose TEIN?

TEIN Australia has a passionate following, and as Australia's enthusiasm for performance cars and drifting continues to grow, so does their demand for quality suspension kits to fit our most popular racers. From Holdens and Fords to the most popular Japanese imports from Subaru, Nissan and Toyota, TEIN has established a reputation as an industry leader by developing a massive range of street, circuit and drift suspension kits to suit every enthusiast.

TEIN is distributed in Australia by Fulcrum Suspension, who are also specialists in rebuilding, maintaining and fitting TEIN Suspension Kits. With a true suspension specialist backing TEIN's presence in the Australian market, you can be sure that any investment you make in these parts will be as well supported as possible.

Our Range of TEIN Suspension Products

At Sparesbox, you'll find a huge range of TEIN coilovers, damper kits and suspension kits designed to provide your vehicle with a perfect balance between improved handling, road-practical comfort and an imposing, lowered look for improved aesthetics and improved roll management. If you're running a high performance Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon, chances are there will be a suitable TEIN coilover kit to take your handling and steering to a whole new level.

Sparesbox stocks TEIN suspension kits from the Street Advance, Euro Damper and Street Flex, Street Flex Z, and Street Flex A lines, all of which are built to provide performance for aggressive street and entry-level track driving, as well as enhanced comfort and feedback on the street. When it comes to coilovers, we also have some of Australia's most popular performance cars covered. Through the TEIN Monoflex range, we can supply VE Commodore coilovers and VF Commodore coilovers that are perfect for starter motorsports and track driving.Sparesbox also sticks the TEIN Sport Damper, TEIN Street Basis and TEIN Superstreet ranges. 

Finally, the TEIN EDFC range is the latest addition to the Sparesbox range. Standing for Electronic Damper Force Control, these systems combine an electronic controller in your dashboard with automatic motors, enabling you to adjust and control your damper performance at the touch of a button. These systems can be set up with presets to suit where you're driving, and the EDFC ACTIVE Range can even adjust the settings automatically according to your speed, g-force and driving conditions.