About Toledo Tools

Toledo Tools are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of quality hand tools, workshop equipment and automotive servicing implements. Toledo Tools have been in business for over 65 years, supplying the best tools to mechanics, DIY enthusiasts and handymen across the country, becoming one of the most trusted tool brands in the process.

Why Should I Choose Toledo Tools?

Toledo Tools were founded over 65 years ago in Sydney, Australia. As a true home grown manufacturer of some of the nation's finest hand tools, Toledo tools has since become a registered brand of the nationally renowned Tridon automotive parts group. As one of the key names under the Tridon banner, just like their car parts, you can be sure that every Toledo Tool has the kind of quality and reliability that it needs to fly under the Tridon flag.

Tridon's product range has grown from small beginnings to a range of over 3200 tools and parts for all applications, all of which boast the most innovative production techniques and outstanding quality.

Our Range of Toledo Tools

Sparesbox is proud to stock over 3000 Toledo Tools, including an extensive range of specialised automotive tool solutions that many everyday tool makers just don’t cover. From simple tools like Toledo Rulers and Toledo Knives to pullers, workshop equipment and service tools, Toledo Tools has the needs of every mechanic well and truly covered.

Toledo Tools also manufacture a wide range of electrical and lubrication tools, as well as all the necessary implements for bodywork, panel and trim manipulation.
Toledo have also recently unveiled a state of the art precision measuring range, meaning you can be sure that with any one of these products, you'll be sure that you're doing the most precise work possible. Aussie grown and globally acclaimed, you can be sure that a Toledo Tool will always be the right one for the job at hand.