About TRED 4x4 Recovery

TRED 4x4 is an all-Australian specialist in off road recovery ramps and accessories. Designed for and tested on Australian terrain, everything TRED 4x4 makes is able to negotiate the country’s harshest environments. TRED 4x4 manufactures tough, useful products that make off-roading the ultimate experience.

TRED 4x4 is a new company at the forefront of off-road products. Advancing from using steel, rubber or timber recovery ramps, TRED 4x4 has developed extremely durable polyolefin recovery tracks that double up as shovels, bringing easy rescue in difficult situations.

Why Should I Choose TRED 4x4?

TRED 4x4 recovery is a brand founded in Australia. Every product is designed and manufactured in Australia, and materials are sourced from within the country. Not only that, each recovery item is tested and trialled on Australia’s most punishing terrains, meaning that from the bush to the outback, any TRED 4x4 product has been there and done it.

TRED 4x4 offers advanced recovery solutions designed to suit Australia’s terrain, and to work with any 4x4 sold in the country. At affordable prices, this makes them the choice of the most dedicated off-road enthusiast and the casual off-roader. Regardless of how often your vehicle is tackling the off-road, when your 4x4 is in trouble TRED 4x4 will pull you out of any hole.

The TRED 4x4 Range

TRED 4x4 recovery products are high quality and robust, designed to aid your off-road adventures. Priding itself on suiting the needs of anyone taking their 4WD off the beaten track, TRED 4x4 offers 4WD Recovery Tracks, 4x4 Recovery Gear as well as accessories designed to aid in recovery. Mounting brackets and carry bags are essential items that protect recovery tracks and allow them to be easily transported, and recovery ramp leashes mean that your ramps can never be lost under the terrain.

TRED 4x4 makes serious off-road recovery gear at the right price.