For the last few decades, WAECO have been THE trusted name in portable refrigeration Australia wide. WAECO are part of the Dometic group, one of the nation's leading suppliers in all technology related to automotive air conditioning, cooling and other equipment to make a traveller’s life more comfortable when away from home. With their head office in Sweden and multiple manufacturing plants in Europe, U.S. and Asia Pacific, they are truly a global brand that have tasked themselves with assisting long-haul drivers, campers and travellers in their adventures across the globe.

What Makes WAECO Fridges So Good?

When driving outdoors or going for a camping adventure with family, a WAECO car fridge can prove an invaluable piece of equipment. WAECO fridges are designed to rise above the challenges of Australian weather conditions and rough terrain by providing optimum cooling performance, meaning that they'll keep your food and beverages at the right temperature even in the blistering heat and the harshest conditions.

Aiming to meet all your needs with regards to portability and versatility, these portable fridges provide extreme energy efficiency and cooling performance. With their ideal compact size, fridge/freezer combinations and large capacity requirement options, WAECO fridges can prove to be outstanding value for money when used regularly.

Our Range of WAECO Fridges

Sparesbox has partnered with WAECO to offer an extensive range of portable refrigerators and freezers, trusted by people worldwide for their reliability and supreme quality. Truly inspired by portable comfort, their range of products adds value to a customer’s experience.

Adding a new level of comfort and convenience to your travels, WAECO’s line of fridges and freezers are tested as per Australia’s harsh conditions. Creating a world of mobile living, WAECO’s innovative product line with user friendliness and premium quality makes it a favourite among travellers from all over the world. Check out WAECO’s range of portable fridges at Sparesbox and get ready for your next adventure trip with family or friends.