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About Wesfil Filters

Wesfil is one of Australia’s largest and most reputable filter brands, with an extensive range to suit most applications. They offer great value for your vehicle’s filtration requirements. Wesfil's incredible range is developed specifically for the Australian Car Park, and over the past 30 years Wesfil have earned the title of Australia's leader in all-round, value based automotive filtration. Wesfil was born out of sunny Western Australia over 30 years ago, manufacturing quality filters that designed, tried and tested to work on Aussie cars in Aussie conditions.

Why Should I Choose Wesfil Filters?

Making effective filtration accessible to those on any budget, all of Wesfil's filtration products are value-oriented, providing the best in filtration at an incredibly well-placed price bracket. Wesfil also have a dedication to quality, and you can be sure that putting a Wesfil filter in your vehicle will do the job between service intervals. Cheap to replace, a breeze to install and highly effective when they're installed in your vehicle, a Wesfil filter is the perfect no-fuss filtration solution for the every day driver.

Wesfil air filters offer outstanding air flow into both your engine and your cabin with high levels of filtration in an easily disposable, easily replaceable package. The same qualities of flow and filtration are also prevalent in their oil filters and fuel filters, offering steady flows of both engine oil and fuel in simple to install packages. This allows for the best performance and outstanding care for your vehicle's internals, all with that famous Wesfil value.

Our Range of Wesfil Filters

Wesfil are one of Sparesbox's largest suppliers of filters, and our range stretches across all the filtration elements required for your vehicle. This includes air filters, oil filters, fuel filters and cabin filters, all made for quality and priced for the best savings. Wesfil filters start from as little as $6.95 and their range is vast, with over a thousand separate fuel filters, air filters and oil filters covering a huge car park of makes, models and years.